We major in 3 core services

Our Team emphasis would be to analyze, evaluate and work hand in hand with your company to come up with an effective solution for your company to grow. We will assist you in every step - from solution design, to delivery, implementation and maintenance.

Software Engineering

We create applications customized basing on the clients' demands and their business' needs, establish information storage technologies that allow data to persist, create online shopping websites for easier customer access, customer relationship management solutions, enterprise resource planning solutions that maximize company's resources at its best potential, and project management. Solaris develops custom software systems and applications. When your business needs a software solution to help your business grow, we help you to design and build it. We are experts in the following technologies and languages: .NET, MSSQL, ASP, Visual Basic, C#, PHP, MySQL, javascript, flash and .xml amongst others.

Customized Software Development

Database Business Applications (CRUD)

E-commerce Solutions (Online Shopping)

CRM Solutions

ERP Solutions

Project Management

Mobile Solutions

iOS and Android Development. We create applications for both major mobile operating systems iOS and Android, ranging from mobile business applications to customized applications. Mobile Testing. Applications or mobile compatibility are tested towards different applications, and as to how a mobile device performs. GPS Solutions. Our global positioning system solutions allow users to track other mobile devices. Which gives more security and reliability towards your products, how they're being transported, where they are, and other data.